1) What is Botox?

Botox is a protein that relaxes muscle. Usually it takes 5-7 days for the wrinkles to relax and lasts between 3-4 months.

2) Does Botox prevent wrinkles?

Yes! Tiny amounts of Botox will prevent wrinkles from forming on your face in the long run.

3) Will wrinkles worsen if I stop doing Botox?

No! Your muscles and skin will go back to how they were before Botox, although you may have a smoother appearance overall even once the Botox wears off because Botox “retrains” your muscles to not make wrinkles.

4) If I start Botox, do I have to do it every 3-4 months?

Some patients do Botox like clockwork, but think of it like getting your hair cut of highlighted. Everyone can do Botox according to what works for them. Some patients love to get in before the holidays or a big event so that they are looking their best.

5) Does Botox hurt?

We inject Botox with a tiny needle, sort of like acupucture. If you are concerned we can use numbing cream, ice, or a vibrational technique that masks Botox injections.  Personally, I think waxing hurts more!

6) What are Botox side effects

Possible side effects include “Spock brow”, droopy eye, bruising, and bleeding but are all minimized by an expert injector.

7) How can I avoid side effects?

The best way to avoid side effects is to have an expert injector properly place Botox. To help ensure the best possible results, we advise patients not to massage the treated area or engage in strenuous exercise for at least five hours after treatment. Finally, it is best to minimize use of blood-thinning supplements such as fish oil or Advil one week prior to your appointment.

8) How is Botox priced?

We believe the most fair way to price Botox is by the unit: that way you know exactly how many units you are getting and how much you are paying per unit. Botox is dose-dependent, meaning that the more Botox units you have, the more relaxed the lines will look.

9) If I get Botox, will I have the frozen look?

No! The amount of Botox units you get determines how much movement you have left over. At LM Medical, we believe that using the smallest amount of Botox is the best way for you to look like a refreshed version of yourself.