Dr. Lesley specializes in lip lift, which removes a small strip of skin under your nose to raise the top lip, making the appearance of the lip larger.

A professional, caring and compassionate experience: Dr. Lesley Rabach makes you feel totally safe and secure in her care. I had a lip lift done in her office and the whole procedure went smooth and was over before I knew it. I healed up fast and without complications. I have had fillers before by her sister Morgan and they are both lovely, compassionate people and so is the rest of the staff! They make you instantly feel better!
– Helpful6576

What are the credentials of my surgeon?

Dr. Lesley is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon, one of the few elite surgeons who specializes specifically in operating on the face and neck. She completed her internship and residency in Head & Neck Surgery at Yale New Haven Hospital followed by an ABFPRS accredited Fellowship in facial plastic surgery. With the most advanced surgical technique and an artistically trained eye, Dr. Lesley re-sculpts the lip to achieve a natural, youthful look. 

What is a lip lift?

A lip lift is a one hour surgical procedure done under local anesthesia, which removes a small strip of skin under your nose to raise the top lip. This procedure can also roll the lip up making the appearance of the lip larger.

What are the common reasons patients decide to get a lip lift? 

Many patients decide to get a lip lift in order to enhance the appearance of their face by shortening the length of their upper lip. This facial enhancement can improve their lip definition, while regaining a youthful appearance. In addition, this surgery can transform the function of the lip to improve the visual appearance of both the lips and teeth. Often times, a lip lift will help show more of the patient’s lip.

Who is the ideal candidate for a lip lift? 

The ideal candidate for lip lift is someone who has lips that are thin, inverted, and or shapeless. Commonly patients who desire a lip lift have a desire for more permanent results when compared to lip fillers (which only add volume.) Additionally, this surgery is conducted on patients that desire a shortened length between their nose and lip.

Is a lip lift a popular procedure? 

Yes! We perform them all the time. 

Does a lip lift require remove a lot of skin?  

The amount of skin removed is completely dependent on the patient’s aesthetic concerns. Typically anywhere from 3-7mm of skin will be removed. Dr. Rabach takes careful consideration when deciding how much skin to remove in order to prevent a prolonged healing process. 

What are the chances for scarring in this surgery? 

Dr. Rabach pays special attention to the anatomy of the upper lip by lifting the lip and releasing the skin and muscle attachments surrounding the lip. The surrounding skin is not stretched, but rather evenly distributed so that the sutures are attached to the ligaments at the nasal base. Often scarring will occur if this technique is not done correctly. 

How long will it take to see results? 

As little as three weeks post surgery, patients will begin to see their results. Within three to four months, further definition and improved lip ratio will be apparent as the tissues within the skin begin to soften over time. 

What are the risks and associated complications with this surgery? 

Typical risks associated with this surgery are infection, scarring, and fluid buildup after surgery. These complications can be managed and prevented by working with a board certified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Lesley Rabach. It is of great importance to make Dr. Rabach aware of any previous filler and silicon implant use during your surgical consultation in order prevent any adverse complications. Patients with silicone implants may experience increased swelling due to the silicone. 

What are the pros to a lip lift?

Lip lift results are permanent and can give your mouth a more symmetrical and refined lip shape.