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Sun exposure can cause extensive damage to the skin. One form of sun-damaged skin is actinic keratosis, a medical condition that causes visible abnormalities on the skin. Actinic keratoses are scaly spots or lesions on the skin that can be pre-cancerous and pose a risk to health. Our medical dermatology team at LM Medical NYC offers actinic keratoses treatment at our clinic in Manhattan.

Actinic keratoses are collections of damaged skin cells that cause lesions or spots. Most people who have actinic keratosis have lived in sunny regions of the world, such as a tropical or subtropical climate. These skin lesions can pose both a medical and cosmetic concern for an individual, requiring treatment from a dermatologist or skin specialist.

Causes and Symptoms of Actinic Keratosis

There are several factors that can contribute to the cause of actinic keratoses on the skin. Most people with this condition have lived for many years in a sunny climate. Other risk factors include fair skin, excessive time spent outdoors, other signs of sun-damaged skin and immune system problems.

Actinic keratoses are scaly spots that occur on the skin. They usually are found in high-exposure areas such as the face, head, ears and hands. Symptoms include the formation of keratoses that may vary in color and size. Actinic keratoses are flat and thick scaly spots on the skin, and they can be white, yellow, skin-colored or red. Keratoses may be tender to the touch, but some are asymptomatic.

Actinic keratosis can result in keratoses that are predisposed to squamous cell carcinoma. Those with actinic keratosis can also be at higher risk for other types of skin cancer. Treatment for actinic keratoses is usually removal, and lesions can be removed by cryotherapy or excision. Once removed, topical treatments may be recommended to heal the skin.

If you have symptoms of actinic keratosis, it is important to seek dermatology treatment. LM Medical NYC offers both medical and cosmetic actinic keratoses treatment. Contact our clinic in Greenwich Village to schedule an appointment with our dermatologist.

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