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The eyes and brows are the most expressive features on the face, capturing your emotions like no other. A raise of the eyebrow or a wink of the eye can communicate much more than your lips in some cases. The eyes and brows can also misrepresent how you feel, indicating aging, fatigue and anger, even when you feel young, energetic and happy. At LM Medical NYC, we utilize cosmetic plastic surgery for the eyes and brows to help create the desired eye and brow aesthetics for patients.

Since the eyes are one of the first features people notice, they are also one of the most common to be considered for cosmetic surgery. Some people are unhappy with their eye shape from the genetic lottery and want to explore altering their eye or eyelid. Genetics can affect both the upper and lower eyelids. Some people are prone to under eye bags that make them look fatigued, while others have excess skin on their upper eyelids that make them look sleepy. The most common reason men and women seek eye or brow plastic surgery is aging, as these areas are prone to lines, wrinkles and sagging.

Extraordinary Eye and Brow Procedures

Dr. Lesley Rabach is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in creating extraordinary results through eye and brow cosmetic surgery. Whether you want to change the shape of your eyes or combat aging with a brow lift, world-renowned facial surgeon Dr. Lesley has the expertise and experience needed to accomplish the desired effect. Some of the eye and brow cosmetic procedures we offer include:

Reshaping and rejuvenating the eyes and brows through plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures can have a dramatic impact on your appearance. If you want to explore the options in eye and brow plastic surgery or treatments, contact us at LM Medical NYC in Manhattan.

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