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The skin is the largest organ of the body, and a vital part of our immune and defense system. Keeping the skin healthy is crucial to overall wellness, as well as your appearance. Dr. Morgan Rabach is one of the co-founders of LM Medical NYC. She is a board certified dermatologist and an acknowledged expert on all things “skin.” When you need general and medical dermatology treatments, you can trust Dr. Morgan and her team at our clinic in Manhattan to provide the best care for your skin.

As the first line of defense against the world, your skin is under attack from exposure to many exterior elements. It is also susceptible to genetic and acquired conditions that can impact its health. Dr. Morgan is a top dermatologist who can offer her expertise for the diagnosis and treatment of all types of skin conditions. From teenage acne and itchy rashes to serious health threats, like melanoma and other skin cancers, Dr. Morgan and her team offer excellent general and medical dermatology care for your skin and overall health.

Medical Skin Conditions

Any abnormality in the skin should be examined by a doctor, preferably a skin specialist. Dr. Morgan has an excellent reputation as one of NYC’s top dermatologists, both for her extensive expertise in cosmetic dermatology and general skin health. At our clinic on 5th Avenue in Greenwich Village, we offer skin treatments for many general and medical conditions, including:

If you have a medical skin condition and need expert diagnosis and treatment, contact us at LM Medical NYC. We can schedule a skin exam and consultation with Dr. Morgan at our state-of-the-art medical facility in Manhattan.

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