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Lupus is a disease that can cause skin conditions and other health problems. Lupus can affect the skin only (cutaneous lupus), or the skin issues can be part of many health symptoms associated with systemic lupus. Lupus skin conditions can affect your appearance and your health. For advanced lupus treatment, come visit our board certified dermatologist, Dr. Morgan Rabach, at LM Medical NYC. Renowned skin expert Dr. Morgan offers lupus treatment at our state-of-the-art facility in Manhattan.

Skin Symptoms of Lupus

Both cutaneous and systemic lupus can cause skin symptoms. Cutaneous only affects the skin, but systemic can have other health concerns. The visible skin symptoms of lupus include:

  • Discoid lupus – This condition can cause raised, scaly, thick patches on the face, ears or scalp. Treatment may be needed to prevent scarring and hair loss.
  • Mouth sores – Discoid lupus in the mouth can cause large sores – this can increase risk for oral cancer.
  • Red rash – A red, scaly rash can cover the upper torso and neck – some of these rashes can appear in red rings on the skin.
  • Light sensitivity – Lupus can cause light sensitivity to the sun and fluorescent lighting, resulting in a skin rash.
  • Lupus panniculitis – Growths can occur deep in fatty tissue, topped with a rash on the skin. The growth can cause inflammation that destroys fatty tissue, resulting in indented or atrophic scarring.

Lupus can also have serious health consequences. Those with lupus are at higher risk for skin cancer, and individuals with systemic lupus may have internal health issues.

Treatment for lupus varies, depending on the types and symptoms. Some possible treatments include corticosteroids (oral, topical or injections), immune system medications and skin cosmetic treatments.

If you have been diagnosed with lupus or have symptoms of this disease, contact us at LM Medical NYC. Our dermatology team can offer advanced lupus treatments at our clinic in Greenwich Village.

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