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Do your earlobes seem longer now than when you were younger? It may not be your imagination – earlobes can stretch and elongate with age. Weight from earrings, lost collagen, genetics and other factors can allow your earlobes to change their shape over the years. If you want to reshape or reduce your earlobes, there is a solution. LM Medical NYC in Manhattan offers earlobe reduction surgery to improve the shape of your ears and lobes.

If you love to accessorize, your earlobes are part of your canvas. When earlobes begin to stretch and elongate, it can be very noticeable when you are wearing your favorite earrings and jewelry. Earlobes, like the rest of the body, are susceptible to changes with aging. While the rest of the ear has sturdy cartilage, the earlobes have very little cartilage and are made from softer, fatty tissue and skin. The skin and tissue lose elasticity. Wearing earrings and other factors can induce quicker effects of earlobe stretching. The result can be longer or larger earlobes that do not seem proportionate to the rest of the ear.

Reshaping Elongated Earlobes

The good news is that minimally-invasive earlobe reduction surgery can reshape and reform the lobes to create a more balanced or youthful ear shape. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia, and it is an outpatient surgery. Dr. Lesley Rabach, our double board certified facial plastic surgeon, can remove a small portion of the earlobe to reduce the size, followed by reshaping to create a balanced appearance. Once healed, you can resume wearing your favorite earrings and accessories without feeling self-conscious due to elongated earlobes.

Want to learn more about earlobe reduction surgery or any of our other cosmetic procedures at LM Medical NYC? Contact us at our state-of-the-art medical clinics in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side to schedule a consultation with expert facial surgeon Dr. Lesley.

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