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Rhinophyma is a skin condition that can cause deformities of the nose, affecting both the shape and function. Similar to rosacea, rhinophyma causes red, thick and rough skin to form on the nose area. Over time, this condition can disfigure the nose and even cause airway issues with nasal valve collapse. World-renowned facial surgeon Dr. Lesley Rabach and the team at LM Medical NYC offer rhinophyma treatment at our medical facilities in Manhattan.

What Causes Rhinophyma?

Rhinophyma occurs most commonly in fair-skinned ethnic groups and individuals over 50. Men are more likely to be prone to this skin condition. Those with rosacea are also at higher risk of developing rhinophyma. As the skin thickens on the nose, it can appear more rounded or bulbous at the tip. Even in severe cases, it can impact breathing and the nasal passages. While the cause is not known, there are treatments that help minimize discomfort and improve appearance.

At LM Medical NYC, we have a board certified dermatologist and a double board certified facial plastic surgeon on our team, making us the ideal clinic for rhinophyma treatment. For mild to moderate cases of rhinophyma, Dr. Morgan, our dermatologist, can recommend rhinophyma treatments to control and reduce skin inflammation on the nose. This can include laser therapy and other medications that have been found to help this skin condition. In severe cases of rhinophyma where nose deformity has occurred, Dr. Lesley, our facial plastic surgeon, can offer surgical treatments to remove diseased skin and perform nose reshaping to restore the aesthetics and function of the nose.

Rhinophyma can have a devastating impact on the appearance of the face and nose. To get the most advanced treatment available, visit us at LM Medical NYC. We have a top dermatologist and facial plastic surgeon who can provide excellent rhinophyma treatment at our facilities in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side.

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