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Natural Results for Better Facial Balance

The balance of facial features is vital for an attractive appearance. When the forehead seems too large, it can detract from the other features of the face. If you are self-conscious due to a larger forehead from a receded hairline, genetics or other factors, facial plastic surgery could be a solution. LM Medical NYC in Manhattan offers forehead reduction surgery to rebalance the facial features for a more attractive appearance.

Both young men and women can have a larger forehead due to a hairline that is located higher on the scalp. In most cases, this is a genetic trait, although it can occur with hair loss. The higher hairline can make the hair appear thinner and the forehead longer, impacting the balance and harmony of the face. Those with larger foreheads may feel self-conscious of their appearance, and use bangs, hats and other accessories to hide this feature. Forehead reduction surgery, also called hairline lowering, can reduce the exposed forehead for a more balanced appearance.

Hairline Lowering for Facial Balance

Forehead reduction, or hairline lowering surgery, involves removing skin from the forehead and shifting the hairline forward. The incision is made behind the hairline and is invisible once the skin heals. This subtle shifting of the hairline up an inch or two can make a dramatic improvement in the balance of the face. Some patients can benefit from combining a brow lift with hairline lowering if the forehead is excessively large or the brows have shifted lower.

Forehead Reduction FAQs

What is a foreheadplasty or lowering procedure?

Foreheadplasty is also known as a Hairline Lowering, Forehead Shortening, Forehead Reduction, or Scalp Advancement. This procedure is performed in order to shorten the height of the forehead skin and lower the hairline position. The incision is camouflaged in the front part of the scalp, specifically along the anterior hairline to advance the hair-bearing scalp forward. Most hairlines can be advanced between 2-4cm.

Am I a good candidate for a foreheadplasty or hairline lowering?

Foreheadplasty has a rapid recovery, but the overall healing time for the incision and return of sensation can take some time. The best cancdidates for this surgery have not had recent hairline recession or hair loss.

What id the difference between hairline lowering foreheadplasty and hair transplantation?

The Hairline Lowering procedure is used to shorten the height of the forehead. This is used in patients with a healthy hairline with nice density. On average the hairline is advanced between 2-4cm.

Hair transplantation involves using hair from the sides and the back of the head up to the top of the head. Follicular Unite Extraction (FUE) or the Strip Technique (FUT) can both be used to obtain the grafts needed. The follicular grafts are then be placed to lower the hairline, change the hairline design, and increase overall thickness of hair in the scalp, eyebrows, or beard.

We often combine Hairline Lowering and Hair Transplantation during the same surgery to achieve the best results.

Does forehead plasty / hairline lowering leave a scar?

The Hairline Lowering procedure leaves a barely visible and well-camouflaged incision line adjacent to the hairline.

What is the downtime or healing time for a foreheadplasty / hairline lowering?

Following hairline lowering surgery, patients may experience headaches for the first two days, mild soreness, and mild bruising and swelling. A compression dressing is placed for the first night to help with swelling and removed in our office the day after surgery. We recommend our patients avoid physical activity for two weeks. Sutures are removed at 7 days in most cases. The incision will be slightly red following the procedure, this will start to fade and blend in with time. At 12 months most patients feel completely normal and have an incision that is very difficult to see.

What are the common risks or conerns with getting a foreheadplasty or hairline lowering?

While risks with this procedure are uncommon asymmetry, scarring, permanent numbness, and motor nerve weakness are possible. When performed by an experienced surgeon, this procedure is low risk and can enhance the whole face.

If you have a larger or longer forehead and want to learn more about cosmetic options for reduction, contact us at LM Medical NYC today to schedule your private consultation. Our double board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Lesley Rabach, offers forehead reduction surgery for facial balance at our clinics in Manhattan.

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