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Dr. Rabach with a patient

I’m already so thrilled with the results. Dr. Lesley and everyone in the LM medical team were so sweet and made the process much less daunting. I’m so glad I chose to go with them for the procedure. – anon37311

Life changing! I couldn’t be happier with my nose! – KristenN

Dr. Rabach is amazing. She makes me look and feel beautiful. She believes in subtle and nuanced ways to enhance one’s looks. She also has an amazing staff of women. – wamstutz001

Highly recommend Dr. M. She is kind, smart, and her entire staff makes for a great visit. After only one treatment, I can’t believe the results on my skin! – Jennifer Bergstrom

I have tried many dermatologists before Dr. Morgan and I can honestly say no one has been so genuinely passionate about helping me treat my skin. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a difference in my skin after 13 years of trying to find the proper treatments. I’ve seen Dr. Lesley as well for microneedling and unsurprisingly she is just as amazing as her sister. Not only do they both have amazing bedside manner, their staff is absolutely amazing as well and so accommodating. Having to stand there and allow someone to examine your acne puts you in an extremely vulnerable position, and I’ve never felt more comfortable and at ease then I do with Dr. Morgan. Do yourself a favor and don’t even hesitate- LM Medical is the absolute best out there! – Alanna Kopelman

A professional, caring and compassionate experience: Dr. Lesley Rabach makes you feel totally safe and secure in her care. I had a liftlift done in her office and the whole procedure went smooth and was over before I knew it. I healed up fast and without complications. I have had fillers before by her sister Morgan and they are both lovely, compassionate people and so is the rest of the staff! They make you instantly feel better. – Helpfu6576

Joyful youngish looking man walking along the street in New York.

I absolutely love Dr.Lesley! My face truly would not be the same without her magic touch. I’ve been seeing her for almost two years now and am always amazed by the transformative results she produces every time. Doctor Lesley always takes the time to listen and understand exactly what I want, has an impeccable eye for detail, and makes sure I leave happy every time I see her. Finding Dr.Lesley has been a dream come true and now she is the only doctor I will see for any cosmetic tweaks! – Phoebe Goldenberg

I had such an amazing experience!! Dr Rabach and her staff are super nice, and have a wonderful bedside manner. Procedure was easy and looks fantastic! I would recommend her and would go back again for other services. – alexieb

Dr. L shaved down my bump on my bridge and fixed the hook that I used to have. The surgery was actually a lot easier than I even anticipated and the results are subtle, natural and beautiful! – KristenN

I’ve been a long time patient of Dr. Morgan and Dr. Lesley and really couldn’t recommend them more highly. I’ve dabbled with other doctors, but trust LM Medical to provide the most natural and long lasting results. They really care about your experience and will take whatever time necessary to make you comfortable and answer your questions, it’s always a pleasure! – Lindsey

Great patient experience and outcome! Thanks to Dr Rabach, I can breathe normally for the first time in my life! – Milkita

I came in for a blepharoplasty; It was a surgery I always wanted but never found a good surgeon for. Dr. Rabach is not only an amazing surgeon but also has a wonderful bedside manner. – erppie1987

Natural Results, Great experience. Dr. Lesley is incredible at what she does. I had submental liposuction and she made me feel safe and comfortable the entire time I trust her 100% to give natural but effective results. I truly felt like she went above and beyond to make me feel good about my procedure. – Galalagkm

Whenever you enjoy going to the place where you are getting poked with needles, you know it is a special place. Fillers and botox made me look better than I have in my entire life. I trusted Dr. M and her team from the beginning and I am so happy I did. – Kasey Bulman

Dr. Rabach with a patient during a consultation appointment.

I had a turkey neck after losing a significant amount of weight. I was obsessed about it and my son suggested I get it fixed. He had surgery done by Dr. R in the past. I was comfortable right from the start and this is not easy since I am a healthcare provider myself. Everything was done at the highest professional level and I had no complications. She did such a great facelift that none of my friends know I had it done, they just can’t figure out why I look so great! – Jubilant1704

No more bags, I love love love my results! Its been three weeks since my blepharoplasty surgery with Dr. Lesley and I’m totally ecstatic with my results! Dr. Rabach has magic hands and the procedure went so smoothly, it was over before I knew it. Her warm and caring bedside manner put me totally at ease. I love love love my results! Recovery was easy with very little to no pain. – Fierce6438

I’m so happy I went through my upper eyelid surgery. I look 10 years younger. I felt great after the surgery in and out in one hour. I looked amazing four days after my surgery. – Mbarca

I am very happy with my results and highly recommend Dr. Rabach.Dr. Lesley answered all my many questions patiently and thoroughly. She and the staff at LM medical have been responsive and kind throughout. Highly recommend! – Kbrussell

Dr. Morgan is the BEST! I honestly can’t say enough great things about Dr. Morgan and her exceptional staff. I went in for what I expected to be a routine skin check – my daughter, a med student herself, noticed a darkening spot on my arm that I’d discounted as a freckle from childhood – and urged me to get a skin screening. The minute I met with Dr. Morgan, I knew I was in the right place. She (and her entire staff) treated me with great professionalism, compassion and care. My exam was thorough, yet easy (for me!) as Dr. Morgan managed to put me at ease, even while removing my mole for biopsy, instilling in me the confidence that I would be well taken care of, regardless of outcome. In fact, I did have a malignant melanoma, thankfully caught early (Stage 0) and I was back in her office a week later for further excision. This is when I truly experienced what an exceptional physician she is. She explained the results in a way that kept me calm and focused on next steps, and the entire time she worked on my arm, (completely pain free) we were getting to know each other, talking, laughing. She also worked meticulously to ensure that my scarring would be minimal. So she saved my life AND I can still sport my sleeveless summer tanks! I honestly hadn’t realized the importance of a skin screening check up. I’m so grateful for Dr. Morgan – whom I’ll be visiting regularly now for my screen screenings – and so should you!! I promise that Dr. Morgan and her team will make you glad you did!

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