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Your skin can be one of your most important aesthetic assets. Healthy, glowing skin is equated with youth, beauty and vitality. At LM Medical NYC, we understand how important your skin is to your appearance. We offer cutting-edge cosmetic dermatology treatments that can help your skin look its best at every stage of your life at our clinics in Manhattan.

Dr. Morgan Rabach is our board certified dermatologist and one of our founders. World-renowned dermatologist Dr. Morgan and her skin specialty team offer the most effective options in caring for your skin. Whether you want to explore non-surgical options, anti-aging treatments or skin treatments to fade away blemishes, we have the cosmetic dermatology treatments you need. We have invested in the most advanced dermatology equipment to perform effective cosmetic treatments at our upscale clinics in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side.

Professional Skin Services

The right cosmetic treatment can change the appearance of your skin. Whether you are a young woman who wants to fade away acne scars from your teenage years or a man approaching fifty who wants to smooth away forehead lines, our cosmetic skin specialists can help. We offer the latest options in professional skin services to improve the appearance of your skin, including:

Achieve gorgeous skin at any age with cosmetic dermatology services from LM Medical NYC. We welcome patients of all ages and genders who want to look and feel their best. To explore the many cosmetic skin treatments available, contact us to schedule a personal skin consultation. Call our clinics in Manhattan to book your skin consultation today.

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