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Many people have tattoos they regret and want removed from their skin. The most effective and minimally invasive option for tattoo removal is laser therapy. Light energy from laser treatments can target the ink of unwanted tattoos and break it down within the skin. Our skin specialists at LM Medical NYC offer laser tattoo removal at our cosmetic clinics in Manhattan.

Tattoos are considered permanent since they contain ink that is not removable by the body. The molecules of ink are too large to be absorbed by the body – they stay suspended in the skin to retain the color and shape of the tattoo. When you decide you no longer want a tattoo on your skin, there are two main options. The tattoo can be surgically removed, or the ink can be removed with laser energy, which is a less invasive option.

Tattoo removal with laser treatment uses targeted light energy to break apart the ink molecules within the skin. Once these spots of ink are made into smaller particles, the body’s immune system will remove the particles from the skin and absorb them into the body’s elimination system. The tattoo will slowly fade with each laser treatment until it is no longer visible.

Laser Treatment for Tattoos

Tattoo removal with laser treatment will usually require multiple procedures. Patients may need up to 10 sessions to remove the tattoo – the number of treatments depends on the size, colors and darkness of the tattoo. A numbing cream is typically used to reduce discomfort during the treatment, and the skin will need post-treatment care to heal after each procedure. Tattoo removal treatments are performed in a series over several months to achieve the desired results.

If you want a tattoo removed, laser treatments can be an option to reclaim your skin. Our skin specialists at LM Medical NYC can evaluate your tattoo and discuss the number of treatments that will be needed to effectively erase the ink from your skin. To learn more about tattoo removal, contact us at LM Medical in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side to schedule your tattoo removal consultation.

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