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The ears can have an impact on the balance of the facial features. If they protrude or are misshapen, they can be distracting. Genetics, trauma, stretching and other issues can contribute to misshapen ears that can impact confidence in your appearance. At LM Medical NYC, we offer ear plastic surgery to reshape ears for aesthetic purposes at our clinics in Manhattan.

Dr. Lesley Rabach is a highly respected and experienced facial plastic surgeon who specializes in ear plastic surgery. Dr. Lesley has achieved double board certifications in her field and has been recognized as a top expert in achieving excellent results in facial plastic surgery. Ear reshaping and reconstruction are complex areas of plastic surgery, requiring extensive expertise and an artistic eye for detail. Dr. Lesley has created beautiful results for her patients requiring ear plastic surgery to give them more confidence in their appearance.

Ear Repairs and Reshaping Procedures

The ears are unique in their shape and construction. Made from mostly cartilage and prone to injuries due to their location, they can be damaged easily due to a variety of factors. World-renowned facial surgeon Dr. Lesley can perform cosmetic repairs for injured ears or reshaping for genetic conditions, carefully restoring a natural appearance. Our ear plastic surgery procedures include:

If you have protruding, damaged or misshapen ears and want to explore ear plastic surgery, contact our team at LM Medical NYC in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side today to schedule your ear reshaping or repair consultation with best facial surgeon Dr. Lesley Rabach to learn more about the plastic surgery options available. We offer advanced ear repair and reshaping options to improve the appearance of your ears, performed by one of New York’s top facial plastic surgeons.

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