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Balance is a key factor in an attractive face. If one portion of the face seems too small or too big, the rest of the facial features can be diminished. When a chin is smaller or less defined, it may make the rest of the facial features seem out of proportion. At LM Medical NYC in Manhattan, our double board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Lesley Rabach, offers chin implant surgery to achieve aesthetic balance to the face.

A small, receded or “weak” chin is usually caused by genetics. The effect can result in the illusion that the upper facial features are larger, as the forehead may seem wider or the nose more pronounced. Men with smaller chins may not have the square jaw that is considered more masculine. Women may feel their nose appears too large or their mouth is less defined due to lack of chin definition. Chin implant surgery can create balance to the face and the rest of the features for a more harmonious and attractive appearance.

Cosmetic Chin Augmentation

Enhancing the size and shape of the chin can have a dramatic impact on overall facial balance. Incisions can be hidden under the chin for discreetness. Cosmetic chin augmentations can be accomplished using medical-grade implant materials that are carefully chosen and formed to create the desired natural shape. World-renowned facial surgeon Dr. Lesley has extensive experience in creating enhancements to the face that blend and match the aesthetics of the other features for a balanced, attractive appearance.

Making a change to one facial feature can have an astounding impact on the overall balance and beauty of the face. If you feel your chin is too small or lacking definition, contact us at LM Medical NYC in Manhattan. We will schedule a personal consultation with skilled facial surgeon Dr. Lesley to discuss chin implant surgery and other cosmetic options to help you look like the best version of yourself.

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