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Changing the appearance of your skin, face, hands or facial features can be accomplished with the help of dermal filler injections. Hyaluronic acid products and other facial fillers offer a quick, non-invasive option for smoothing lines, adding volume and reshaping facial features. Our renowned cosmetic dermatologist and expert facial plastic surgeon at LM Medical NYC offer facial and dermal filler treatments for patients desiring a non-surgical cosmetic solution.

Dermal and facial fillers are used to add volume to the skin. There are a wide variety of dermal fillers that can be used at different depths in the skin to add volume or reshape the skin and underlying features. Depending on the formula, facial fillers can be used at the surface to smooth fine lines and wrinkles with smaller volume particles, or deeper in the skin to fill deep lines or change the contours of the face. Many facial fillers can have immediate results, lasting several months to a few years, depending on the product.

Non-Invasive Facial Filler Treatments

Facial fillers are very versatile, especially with the wide variety of options available. Whether you want to plump thin lips or change the shape of your nose, chin or cheeks, there is a facial filler treatment that creates the desired effect. Our board certified dermatologist (Dr. Morgan) and dual board certified facial plastic surgeon (Dr. Lesley) can perform the following facial filler treatments at our clinics in Manhattan.

With the right expertise, facial and dermal filler injections can have a beautiful impact on your appearance. Dr. Morgan is a world-renowned cosmetic injection expert, and Dr. Lesley is an acclaimed facial plastic surgeon. Both doctors can create natural, gorgeous results using dermal fillers. To schedule your facial filler consultation, contact us at our facilities in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side.

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