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With aging, the cheeks can begin to sag and droop, becoming flatter. The effect can make the face look tired and older, creating bags under the eyes and changing the facial shape. In the early stages of cheek laxity, a non-surgical cheek lift can be used to tighten and reshape the cheeks. Dr. Lesley Rabach and our team at LM Medical NYC offer non-surgical cheek lift treatments at our clinics in Manhattan.

In a surgical cheek lift, the cheek fat pads are physically adjusted to a higher level, and the under-eye area can be tightened by removing excess skin. For those who are just beginning to notice the cheeks flattening or bags under the eyes due to aging, a non-surgical approach can be used to restore firmness and contours to the cheeks. A combination of different non-invasive cosmetic treatments can add volume to the cheeks and tighten the skin.

Restoring Youthful Upper Cheeks

At LM Medical NYC, renowned facial surgeon Dr. Lesley Rabach and our cosmetic team devise personalized treatment plans for each patient. The treatments used for a non-surgical cheek lift for one patient may be different than those used for another. Skin tightening treatment can be used to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin under the eyes and throughout the cheek area. Facial fillers can be used to add volume to the upper cheek to diminish eye bags and restore facial contours. Some patients may benefit from filler injections for deep tear troughs that create hollows under the eyes.

A non-surgical cheek lift can rejuvenate the cheeks and under the eyes, creating a more youthful, energetic appearance. There is little to no downtime for most non-surgical treatments used to tighten and volumize the upper cheeks. To learn more about a non-surgical cheek lift, contact us at LM Medical NYC to schedule a consultation at one of our clinics in Greenwich Village or the Upper East Side.

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