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Maintaining a youthful and attractive appearance includes caring for skin and the structure of the neck. Like the face, the neck is prone to lost skin elasticity, sagging and other aging issues. To keep your neck smooth and svelte as you age, you may need to consider neck cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Lesley Rabach and our experienced team at LM Medical NYC offer a variety of neck cosmetic procedures at our clinics in Manhattan.

The neck may not be a prominent facial feature, but when it begins to age or change shape, it can quickly draw attention. Excess fat, sagging skin and protruding neck bands can make your neck more noticeable and impact the definition of your face. Neck cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are often tied in with facial procedures to accomplish a more youthful, blended appearance. Dr. Lesley can recommend the best treatments to improve the shape of your neck and under your chin to maintain a more youthful, balanced look.

Neck Lifts and Transformations

Dr. Lesley is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with extensive experience creating youthful, attractive neck transformation results. Dr. Lesley has focused her expertise on only facial cosmetic procedures, including the neck. Whether you want to slim under your chin, or you want to explore anti-aging neck lift procedures, you can expect fantastic results from Dr. Lesley and her team. We offer cutting-edge medical procedures for neck enhancements at our upscale medical clinics in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side, including:

A neck cosmetic procedure can be combined with other facial plastic surgeries – a neck lift and facelift can be performed together to achieve a completely new look for your lower face, jawline and neck. If you want to explore neck cosmetic procedures, contact our team at LM Medical NYC to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lesley at our offices in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side.

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