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Chubby cheeks are cute on children and chipmunks, but not everyone likes having “pinchable” cheeks. Genetics and other factors can create rounder cheeks than you desire, hiding the angular structure of the adult face. If you want to slim your face and cheeks, facial plastic surgery may be the solution. World-renowned facial surgeon Dr. Lesley Rabach and our team at LM Medical NYC in Manhattan offer cheek reduction surgery to create the flattering face contours you desire.

The right balance of fat in the cheek region is important for facial balance and appearance. Too little fat in the cheeks can create a flat, tired appearance, but too much can make the face overly round and chubby. While most people lose the fuller cheeks of childhood when they reach adulthood, some men and women retain rounder cheeks. For men, cheek reduction surgery can reveal a more masculine, chiseled appearance. For women, reducing chubby cheeks can transform the midface from a girlish look into sexier, svelte contours.

Cheek Buccal Fat Removal

The buccal fat pads in the cheeks create the rounder appearance over the cheekbones. If these fat pads are larger, they hide the bone structure of the midface. Cheek reduction surgery can include facial liposuction to reduce fat in the cheeks or the actual removal of the buccal fat pads. Incisions can be placed inside the mouth to hide any scars from removing fat from the cheeks. Once the extra fat is removed, the face can appear slimmer, and there can be improved definition in the midface and cheekbone area.

If you are unhappy with the fullness of your cheeks and want to explore cheek reduction surgery, contact us at LM Medical NYC. We can schedule a consultation with expert facial surgeon Dr. Lesley to discuss the options for reducing your cheek size and creating the new defined look you desire.

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