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Your skin is a vital part of your overall health, as well as your appearance. At LM Medical NYC, we offer professional dermatology services for patients, headed by one of our founders, world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Morgan Rabach. Whether you have a medical skin concern or want to explore anti-aging skin treatments, you can trust us to care for your skin. We offer cosmetic and medical dermatology at our state-of-the-art medical facility located in Manhattan.

Renowned skin expert Dr. Morgan is a board certified dermatologist who has earned an incredible reputation for her expertise. Her deep knowledge as a skin specialist has been published in many different magazines and media sources. She is an expert in all things “skin,” and people all over the world have read her advice on skincare. At our clinic, Dr. Morgan and her dermatology team offer the most advanced treatments for enhancing the beauty of the skin, but they also provide necessary medical care for serious conditions, like skin cancer.

Professional Dermatology Services

LM Medical NYC is a unique medical clinic, offering both facial plastic surgery and dermatology under one roof. All of our patients can benefit from the professional dermatology services we offer at our facility. They range from treatment for acne and skin conditions to cosmetic injections and cutting-edge skincare products. Visit the following dermatology service pages to view all the dermatology treatments we offer:

Keep your skin beautiful and healthy with dermatology services from LM Medical NYC. We offer advanced treatments, products and medical care for specialized skincare for men and women of all ages. Contact us at our facility in Greenwich Village to schedule a consultation with expert dermatologist Dr. Morgan or her team. You deserve to have healthy, gorgeous skin at any age.

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