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More and more men are opting to have facial plastic surgery to improve their appearance and self-confidence. The stigma of plastic surgery has faded, and with it, a larger number of men are seeking ways to look their best at every age. Our talented medical team at LM Medical NYC offers male facial plastic surgery options that are tailored to the specific needs of our male patients.

When it comes to wanting to look great, gender does not play a role. All gender types desire to feel attractive at all ages. While men may be a smaller percentage of plastic surgery patients, that percentage has grown significantly over the last few decades. At LM Medical NYC, in Manhattan, we are seeing more men that want to slow the signs of aging. They want to look more youthful and energetic, as well as improve their overall facial appearance.

Male Cosmetic Surgery Options

Male facial plastic surgery focuses on retaining or achieving a masculine appearance that is youthful and attractive. Women are not the only ones who want to look attractive and younger. Men desire to maintain an appearance of being in their prime. Dr. Lesley Rabach is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who has extensive experience creating natural enhancements to the face for men and women. Some of the male facial plastic surgery options we offer include:

If you are considering male facial plastic surgery, we invite you to contact us at LM Medical NYC. We offer a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in an upscale medical facilities in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side. You can expect discreet, personalized care when you come to us to explore the many options in male cosmetic treatments and facial plastic surgery. Call today to schedule your appointment with expert facial surgeon Dr. Lesley.

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