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The shape and contours of your face define your unique look and impact all your facial features. The chin, jawline, cheekbones and facial structure play their part, as do the soft tissues and skin. At LM Medical NYC, Dr. Lesley Rabach and our facial plastic surgery team offer face and neck cosmetic plastic surgery procedures to achieve the look you desire at our clinics in Manhattan.

The face and neck you were born with change over time. By adulthood, you have thinner cheeks and more angles to your face. The chin and jawline balance the forehead and cheeks, and when one seems oversized, the rest of the facial features can appear unbalanced. With aging, skin and tissue begin to droop and sag, changing the shape and firmness of the face. Face and neck cosmetic plastic surgery procedures can enhance a weak chin, enhance the cheekbones or reduce a larger forehead. Facelift, midface lifts and cheek augmentations minimize the effects of aging. At LM Medical NYC, we offer advanced cosmetic procedures to give your face a natural, harmonious appearance to look like the best version of yourself.

We Only Perform Facial Plastic Surgery

While many plastic surgeons may perform facial plastic surgery, at LM Medical NYC, we ONLY perform facial plastic surgery. Dr. Lesley is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has focused her expertise on facial cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. This focus has helped her become one of the best facial plastic surgeons, offering advanced options in face transformations, including:

Your face is your visual fingerprint, a combination of features that is uniquely you. Our goal at LM Medical NYC is to help our patients look like themselves, only better, utilizing advanced cosmetic surgery and treatments. To learn more about our face and neck cosmetic surgery procedures, contact our Greenwich Village or Upper East Side clinic to schedule an informative consultation with Dr. Lesley.

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