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In a traditional facelift, the incision scar can loop around the ear into the hairline. While hidden, it is a longer incision needed to access and address the excess skin in the lower face. A short scar facelift has the benefit of a reduced incision, while still providing a rejuvenating effect for the face. At LM Medical NYC, we offer several different types of facelift surgeries at our clinics in Manhattan, including the short scar facelift.

Dr. Lesley Rabach is one of the most talented facial plastic surgeons in the country. Part of her success is due to her focus only on facial procedures, including her exceptional facelift surgeries. She offers the short scar facelift to her patients who are looking to rejuvenate the lower cheeks around the nasolabial folds (smile lines), the jowls and jawline. This technique has a shorter scar that is less noticeable and may be a better option for some of our patients.

Is a Limited Incision Facelift Right for You?

The short scar (or limited incision) facelift is not the right choice for everyone. While it does eliminate the incision and scar behind the ear that is used for traditional facelifts, it does have limitations. The short scar facelift is best for those who are undergoing a mini facelift or midface lift surgery, or a deep place facelift in their 40s or 50s. However, for those with excessive extra skin or sagging, a short scar facelift may not be sufficient to remove skin and lift the lower facial tissue.

If you are considering your first facelift, a short scar facelift may be an option to achieve the results you desire. To learn more, contact us at LM Medical NYC to schedule an informative facelift consultation with Dr. Lesley at our upscale clinics in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side.

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