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Fungal skin infections come in many forms, ranging from athlete’s foot to ringworm. These skin conditions are different than bacterial infections or allergic contact dermatitis, but they can have similar symptoms. Fungal skin infections require specific treatments to combat fungi growth. In LM Medical NYC, our dermatology team offers the diagnosis of fungal skin infections; treatment is also available at our clinic in Manhattan.

Causes, Symptoms and Types of Fungal Skin Infections

Fungal skin infections are caused by coming in contact with fungi spores that can infiltrate the skin and cause an infection. Fungi spores are found in the air and on moist surfaces, and fungi flourish in warm, moist areas (like mold). However, not everyone is as susceptible to skin fungal infections. Health and immune system problems can impact how likely you are to obtain a fungal infection.

There are many different types of fungal skin infections with varying symptoms. In general, fungal skin infection symptoms can include red, itchy, scaly and dry skin, but they can also cause blisters and swelling. The various types of fungal skin infections include:

  • Ringworm
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Yeast infections
  • Jock itch

Fungal skin infection treatment requires the use of anti-fungal medications to stop the growth of the fungi and to heal the skin. Lifestyle and other health factors can contribute to fungal skin conditions, and to prevent future infections, these issues should be addressed. Without treatment, fungal skin infections can spread to other parts of the body and other people, as well as cause skin, nail and hair growth issues.

If you have a fungal skin infection, it can be uncomfortable and also contagious to others. To receive a diagnosis and fungal skin infection treatment, contact us at LM Medical NYC at our clinic in Greenwich Village. We can schedule a skin examination with our board certified dermatologist.

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