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Hemangiomas are a type of vascular skin formation. Many types of hemangiomas are present in infancy and fade away in early childhood, but some can remain into adulthood. Other types of hemangiomas, like cherry hemangiomas, do not appear until later in adulthood. Dr. Morgan Rabach at LM Medical NYC is a highly qualified, board certified dermatologist who offers hemangioma treatment at our clinic in Manhattan.

Hemangiomas are a collection of blood vessels that cause a red or purplish skin formation. While most do not pose a health risk, those that grow near the eyes or near the airway can pose issues. The most common concern with hemangiomas is their appearance. Many of them grow on the head, face and neck area, causing aesthetic issues. If a hemangioma does not fade on its own or it poses a health issue, hemangioma treatment can remove or fade these skin growths. Many hemangioma birthmarks can be treated with laser skin therapy, and severe growths may require surgical removal, but this is rare.

Cherry Hemangioma Treatment

Cherry hemangiomas generally affect adults over 30. They are also called red moles, most commonly appearing on the torso, but they can grow anywhere on the body. These growths are non-cancerous and do not pose a health risk. Cherry hemangiomas can be small and flat, or large and dome-shaped, but all are red or purple in color. All ethnic groups can obtain cherry hemangiomas, with the risk increasing with age. Cherry hemangioma treatment is not needed, but these growths can be removed for cosmetic purposes with laser therapy, cryosurgery or excision.

If you have a hemangioma you want removed, contact us at LM Medical NYC. We can book a consultation with world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Morgan to discuss the treatment options for your type of hemangioma. Call our clinic in Greenwich Village to schedule your appointment.

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