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A lipoma is a small, fatty tumor that grows under the skin. These soft lumps are benign and do not pose a health risk. While lipomas are not dangerous, they can cause cosmetic concerns or put pressure on nerves, causing pain or discomfort. The correct diagnosis of lipomas is vital to ensure they are actually a lipoma, and not a different type of tumor or growth. At LM Medical NYC, we offer the diagnosis and treatment of lipomas, performed by our board certified dermatologist, Dr. Morgan, at our clinic in Manhattan.

Lipomas commonly grow on the neck, chest, shoulders and back. Most lipomas are small, about two inches or less in diameter, but some can grow up to eight inches across. The lumps are soft and pliable to the touch. They should not be tender or painful, but they can cause referred pain if they interfere with nerves or other tissues. The cause of lipomas are not known.

It is important to have lipomas diagnosed by a dermatologist. For small lipomas, the lump can be examined or removed during an office visit. If there is concern that a lump is not a lipoma, it can be removed or sent for diagnostic testing for malignancy.

Removing Lipoma Tumors

Small lipomas can be removed during an office visit. The lump can be removed by a syringe or by excision, depending on the size of the lipoma. At LM Medical NYC, we have both our expert dermatologist, Dr. Morgan, and our outstanding facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Lesley, that can remove skin growths. Most lipomas can be removed by skilled dermatologist Dr. Morgan in a quick, in-office procedure. Larger lipomas that require surgical removal may require Dr. Lesley’s expertise to remove the growth and reduce the appearance of scarring from the procedure.

If you have a soft lump that you want checked out or removed, contact us at LM Medical NYC in Greenwich Village to book your lipoma consultation. We can schedule an appointment with world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Morgan for a diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

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