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Cysts can occur in organs and many types of tissue throughout the body, including in the skin. In most cases, a cyst does not pose a health risk, but they can cause discomfort or cause a cosmetic concern. There are many different types of cysts and treatment options for cyst removal. Dr. Morgan Rabach at LM Medical NYC is a board certified dermatologist who can offer cyst removal and treatment at our clinic in Greenwich Village.

Cysts are pockets filled with fluid. In the skin, there are a few different types of cysts that can form. Epidermoid cysts are small bumps that form in the skin, often on the face, neck or chest. These are usually caused by a buildup of keratin in the skin that creates a change in the skin tissue. Other skin cysts can include pilar cysts, which affect the hair follicles and meibomian and appear near the eyelids. Most are not harmful, but they can be painful and pose a risk of infection. Some cysts are hereditary, while others can be caused by skin irregularities.

Treatment for Skin Cysts

Skin cysts can form anywhere on the body, creating a lump under the skin. Some are hard, some are soft, but none should be squeezed or manipulated to drain or remove. This can cause an infection or spread an existing infection. While some cysts will disappear on their own, treatment or removal should be performed by a physician, preferably a dermatologist.

Some cysts can be treated with topical medication; larger cysts may need to be drained or surgically removed. Expert dermatologist Dr. Morgan can diagnose the type of cyst and will recommend the best treatment to relieve discomfort and the appearance of the lump.

If you have a cyst and need a diagnosis, treatment or removal, contact our team at LM Medical NYC. We offer cyst removal at our clinic on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Call today to book your skin consultation with world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Morgan.

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