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Keloid scars are the most intrusive type of scar tissue. Keloid growths occur from wounds when the body overproduces collagen and scar tissue in response to wound healing. In some cases, keloid scars can become large and cause deformities of the ear, face, neck or body. At LM Medical NYC, we offer effective treatments and plastic surgery for keloid scar removal at our clinics in Manhattan.

Keloid scars at first resemble hypertrophic scars, a raised scar above the surface of the skin. The difference is that keloid scars do not stay within the confines of the wound border. The scar tissue can grow larger than the wound. Ear piercings are a common wound that can result in a keloid, and the tiny wound can become a large, unwieldly growth if treatment is not performed. Keloids account for 10-15% of scars. Anyone can experience a keloid growth, but it is more prevalent in ethnic groups with darker skin pigmentation.

Surgical and Non-surgical Keloid Treatments

Non-surgical treatments are the first option for keloid scar removal in the early stages. Steroid injections and other non-invasive treatments can be effective in the beginning stages of a keloid growth or for smaller formations. Larger keloids may require scar revision surgery. The difficulty is that keloids can grow back, stimulated by the wounds caused during surgery. Keloid scar removal surgery may need to be followed by steroids and other treatments to reduce the chance of regrowth. Our plastic surgeon can carefully remove large keloids and provide follow-up treatment to limit scar formation.

If you have a keloid scar and need treatment or removal, contact us at LM Medical NYC in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side to schedule your keloid scar removal consultation. We have a board certified dermatologist and a double board certified plastic surgeon to ensure you get the best treatment for your keloid growth.

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