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If you have red or purplish bumps that develop on the wrists, lower back, ankles, genitals or mouth, you could have lichen planus. This autoimmune condition can affect men or women and the cause is unknown. While lichen planus often can go away on its own, some people may have irritating symptoms or reoccurring outbreaks. Our dermatology team at LM Medical NYC offers lichen planus treatment at our state-of-the-art medical facility in Manhattan.

Symptoms and Types of Lichen Planus

There are a variety of different types and formations of lichen planus. While red or purplish bumps on the skin that itch are the most common symptom, there are different types of lichen planus that impact different areas. Wrists, ankles, lower back, scalp and other body skin can have red bumps, itching and thicker or scaly skin form. Other types of lichen planus include:

  • Oral – This includes white lines or dots on the gums with peeling or painful sores
  • Genital – Patches of red bumps or painful sores can appear on the penis or outer female genitals
  • Nails – Fingernails or toenails will form ridges and become thin or split
  • Scalp – Red bumps with itching on the scalp, sometimes accompanied by hair loss

Lichen planus can clear up on its own or have recurring outbreaks. The skin condition can be uncomfortable, and genital lichen planus can make sexual intercourse very painful. Plus, many patients with this disease are unhappy with the aesthetic issues involving hair loss, skin rashes and unhealthy nails.

If you have symptoms of lichen planus, you can receive a diagnosis and treatment at LM Medical NYC. Lichen planus can mimic many other skin conditions and requires a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis. Treatment can include antihistamines, oral medications and topical creams that can help relieve symptoms and heal the skin.

To schedule a skin consultation with our top-rated dermatologist, Dr. Morgan Rabach, contact us at LM Medical NYC in Greenwich Village. We can book your appointment for lichen planus diagnosis or treatment.