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Nail fungal infections are extremely common and very contagious. If a finger or toenail becomes infected, it can spread easily to other nails. It can also be spread to other people who use the same shower, shoes or pool area. Nail fungus can cause damage to the nail and pose health risks to some individuals. Our dermatology team at LM Medical NYC offers nail fungus treatment at our clinic in Manhattan.

Nail fungus is spread in locker rooms, spas, pools, nail salons and among family members. Nail fungus is easy to obtain, but more difficult to treat. The fungal infection can hide under the nail and require ongoing treatment to ensure the infection is completely eliminated. If a nail fungal infection is not treated, it can deform the nail, spread to other nails and even pose health risks for those with diabetes or immune system issues.

Symptoms of Nail Fungal Infections

Nail fungus will change the shape and color of your affected toe or fingernail. Some of the signs of nail fungus include:

  • Partial nail color changes – white, yellow or brown discolorations
  • The nail begins to lift up
  • Nail becomes thinner and softer
  • Nails split or crumble

Once the nail fungus infiltrates the entire nail bed, the whole nail can thicken and change color, turning yellow or brown. The appearance is unappealing, and the infection will continue to spread to other nails and people. While nail fungal infections are painless in the beginning, the nails can become painful as the infection grows, especially in toenails when wearing shoes.

Nail fungus treatment can include trimming away infected nail and skin. Topical medication that is applied to the nail may need to be used for months while the new nail grows out; oral medications may also be prescribed. In severe cases, the nail may need to be removed.

If you have symptoms of nail fungus, it is important to see a dermatologist right away for treatment. The quicker you receive treatment, the better chance you can stop the infection from spreading. Contact us at LM Medical NYC to schedule an appointment at our clinic in Greenwich Village.

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