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Certain irritants can cause a rash or allergic reaction on the skin. This is known as contact dermatitis. If you are allergic to a substance, simply touching it can result in a red rash or blisters that can be painful or itch. Contact dermatitis is extremely common with thousands of possible triggers. Our medical dermatology team at LM Medical NYC can offer a diagnosis and provide contact dermatitis treatment at our medical clinic in Manhattan.

The body can become allergic to almost anything, and some of the substances can cause a skin reaction, or contact dermatitis. In some cases, the rash or blisters are almost instant, while others may take a day or longer to form. There are many irritants to which most people will have an allergic reaction when in contact, including many plant oils like those from poison ivy, poison oak and nettles. Other common substances that cause contact dermatitis include:

  • Nickel
  • Chemicals and fragrances in skincare products
  • Rubber or latex
  • Chromates found in leather, cements, paints and other products
  • Dyes

Contact dermatitis can be caused by such a wide variety of substances that it is sometimes difficult to determine the cause. Seeking treatment can help identify allergic triggers and offer options to control skin outbreaks.

Diagnosing Allergic Contact Dermatitis

If you are not sure what is causing an allergic reaction on your skin or want treatment to control outbreaks, come visit us at LM Medical NYC. Renowned skin expert Dr. Morgan Rabach is a board certified dermatologist who can render a diagnosis about what is causing your rash and provide treatments for relief. If the allergen is not known, patch testing can be performed to identify the allergen to help avoid the substance. In addition, chronic contact dermatitis may be best controlled with medications to minimize outbreaks.

If you have reoccurring skin rashes, you may have a form of contact dermatitis. Contact us at LM Medical NYC for a diagnosis and treatment for allergic contact dermatitis at our clinic in Greenwich Village.

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