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Most moles, or nevi, are benign and do not pose a risk of skin cancer. However, through genetics and environmental factors, some moles can change and transform into melanoma. Some moles may be pre-cancerous and have a higher risk of becoming cancerous, including dysplastic nevus. As part of our general and medical dermatology services at LM Medical NYC, we offer the diagnosis and removal of dysplastic nevus at our dermatology clinic in Manhattan.

Dysplastic nevi are moles that have irregular cell growth. They are in a realm between benign moles and melanoma. A dysplastic nevus has atypical features and a varying growth pattern that are different than a benign mole, but not to the point of being considered cancerous. Dysplastic nevi can be classified as mild, moderate or severe. Mild is closer to benign, while moderate to severe is closer to melanoma. When diagnosed, most dermatologists will recommend that severe dysplastic nevi be removed as a precaution.

Treatment for Dysplastic Nevi

Our board certified dermatologist, Dr. Morgan Rabach, has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating all forms of skin cancer and pre-cancerous formations. She can examine and test suspicious moles or skin growths, like dysplastic nevi, and determine what treatment, if any, is needed. If a dysplastic nevus is moderate to severe, Dr. Morgan can perform removal at our clinic. This is an outpatient surgery that is usually performed with local anesthesia. Expert dermatologist Dr. Morgan and our facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Lesley, can both be involved in dysplastic mole removal to ensure the mole is completely removed with as little scarring as possible.

If you have an irregular mole, it may be a dysplastic nevus that could need removal. To have your mole diagnosed, come to LM Medical NYC for a mole examination. Contact our clinic in Greenwich Village to schedule an appointment with renowned dermatologist Dr. Morgan for a mole check and recommendation for treatment.

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