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Ethnicity plays an important role in your appearance. While each individual is unique, there are certain facial traits that are common among those with similar ethnic genetics. The nose is a common feature that can show ethnic traits in its shape and size. Not all ethnic nose traits are desirable by everyone. Asian or ethnic rhinoplasty is an option to reshape noses with undesirable traits. At LM Medical NYC, we offer ethnic nose job surgery at our state-of-the-art clinics in Manhattan.

Asian Nose Jobs

The Asian nose tends to be smaller and flatter than many other ethnic groups. While there is nothing wrong with a smaller or flatter nose, some individuals are unhappy with the appearance. The most common request for those with a smaller Asian nose is to add height to the bridge. This can add depth to the profile of the face and create a better harmony to the features. The nose remains petite and retains its ethnicity but provides improved balance to the facial features.

Ethnic Nose Reshaping

Those of Asian descent are not the only ones unhappy with the nose shape their genetics provided. Some African Americans want to reduce the width of their nose or change their nostril appearance. Eastern European descendants can have a bulbous nose or “pig nose.” Some Middle Easterners may have droopy nasal tips or a humped nasal bridge. Ethnic nose reshaping, or rhinoplasty, can address the traits you dislike about your nose while still retaining the ethnicity.

If you were born with nose traits that impact the balance and harmony of your facial appearance, ethnic rhinoplasty can be the solution. To learn more about what can be accomplished with an ethnic or Asian nose job, contact us at LM Medical NYC. We can book an appointment with expert facial surgeon Dr. Lesley Rabach to discuss rhinoplasty at our clinics in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side.

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