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Are you struggling with persistent acne? You may have tried a wide variety of creams and prescriptions but still experience flare-ups. Breakouts can happen when oily substances on your skin combine with dead skin cells, leading to clogged pores. The AviClear™ Laser treatment for acne can effectively help provide clearer skin long term.

The First FDA-Cleared Energy Device for the Treatment of Mild To Severe Acne

AviClear is the first FDA-cleared energy device to treat mild to severe acne. This revolutionary laser targets and regulates sebaceous glands in your skin to reduce the production of oily substances. The device is equipped with cooling technology for a comfortable experience. Treatment sessions can take less than an hour, with noticeable results for many patients within three months. These results can continue for months after your sessions are completed.

Is AviClear Laser Treatment for Severe Acne Safe?

Many treatments target other mild to severe acne causes with ineffective results and may have harmful side effects. AviClear is safe for all skin types with no known side effects or harmful chemicals. After treatment, you may experience minor redness or inflammation, but these symptoms typically fade quickly. There may be a noticeable snapping sensation on your skin during treatment.

According to clinical trials, over 80% of patients were very satisfied with the results after three treatment sessions. Any potential future breakout episodes are less intense and shorter. You can enjoy healthier and clearer skin without having to maintain an expensive daily skincare routine.

NYC AviClear Laser Treatment for Severe Acne

Dealing with mild to severe acne can be a challenge. If you struggle to maintain clear skin, AviClear laser treatment for severe acne may be a cosmetic option you want to strongly consider. LM Medical NYC provides cutting-edge cosmetic treatments in New York City for healthy and clear skin so you can look and feel your best. Board-certified medical specialists can meet with you to discuss your options and recommend a personalized plan to meet your aesthetic needs.

Contact our office to schedule a personal consultation today to see if AviClear laser treatment for severe acne is right for you.

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