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Lines, wrinkles and thinner lips can all come with aging skin. Loss of elasticity and volume in the skin are often to blame, caused by lower levels of collagen, elastin, facial fat and hyaluronic acid. One non-invasive option to smooth away lines or add volume to lips are Belotero® injections. Our team at LM Medical NYC offers Belotero injections as one of our hyaluronic acid dermal filler injection options at our upscale clinics in Manhattan.


Hyaluronic acid, the main ingredient in Belotero, is a natural substance found in many tissues in the body. When injected into the skin in the form of Belotero or other dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid can increase volume to help plump up lips, smooth lines or fill small wrinkles. Belotero comes in different formulas designed for different depths and applications. Most commonly, Belotero injections are used to treat smile lines along the nasolabial fold, but it can be used for adding volume in other areas.

FAQs About Belotero

What happens when you get Belotero injections?

First, we consult with the patient to decide where and how best to use fillers. Then, we clean the skin and place the fillers in the desired area. Filler injectables are quick, almost painless and safe when done by a licensed and experienced practitioner.

Are there side effects?

The most common side effect is mild swelling and occasional bruising.

Do Belotero injections hurt?

Getting Belotero injections is surprisingly comfortable. We use ice, numbing cream and vibrational techniques to make your experience easy and pleasant.

I heard that there is a medicine to take out HA fillers. Is that true?

Hyaluronic acid fillers, like Belotero, can be easily reversed with hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down HA.

How long do Belotero injections last?

Depending on the Belotero product used, the results can last from 6-18 months.

If you are interested in learning whether Belotero injections may be the right solution for smoothing away lines or wrinkles for you, contact us at LM Medical NYC. We can schedule a cosmetic injection consultation to discuss Belotero and our other cosmetic treatment options.

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