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If you know anything about facial cosmetic treatments, you have likely heard of microneedling. This procedure is used for collagen induction, which means it can increase collagen in the skin. Collagen is one of the main elements in the skin structure – it provides about 80% of the fibers and volume in the skin. By increasing collagen levels, many skin flaws can be improved, which can be accomplished through non-surgical microneedling treatments.

What Is Microneedling?

Just like it sounds, microneedling uses tiny needles to puncture the skin. These needles are ultra-thin, much smaller than needles used in typical injections. Professional microneedling is performed with a pen-like device that has dozens or more tiny needles on the applicator. The needles make controlled wounds in the skin, which triggers a repair response.

Collagen is released when the skin is injured to repair the damage. With microneedling, the body perceives a wound, but the skin is not actually damaged. The resulting collagen then repairs and bolsters the skin, which can be used for anti-aging and other skin flaw benefits.

Conditions Treated By Microneedling

At LM Medical NYC, we offer microneedling as one of our cosmetic dermatology treatments. This procedure can usually be completed in less than an hour. The procedure is not painful, and no downtime is needed after each treatment. Most of our patients benefit from multiple sessions to induce the desired amount of collagen to reduce the appearance of the following conditions.

  • Lines and wrinkles. Increasing collagen can help firm the skin and add volume to address fine lines and wrinkles that appear as you get older.
  • Scars. Acne and other scars that indent or discolor the skin can be reduced in appearance with microneedling. Collagen can repair the scar tissue and help smooth the texture and tone.
  • Large pores. Microneedling can help diminish larger pores that are visible and may contribute to blackheads.
  • Stretchmarks. If you have stretchmarks on your thighs, arms, or abdomen, microneedling can help reduce their appearance.
  • Sagging skin. Microneedling is one of the non-surgical methods used to help firm sagging skin by increasing the collagen which has been lost.

Microneedling can be easily performed in the middle of your day. The skin will be a little puffy for a few hours and you may have some pinkness or redness for up to two days, but you can return to normal activities after the procedure. We recommend wearing sunscreen to prevent any additional inflammation to the skin, which you should wear regularly to prevent sun damage.

Microneedling can have amazing benefits for your skin, and it can be combined with other cosmetic treatments. To learn more about microneedling to improve the tone, texture, and tightness of your skin, give us a call at LM Medical NYC. Call our office in Manhattan to schedule a microneedling consultation with our dermatology department.

Posted on behalf of LM Medical NYC

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