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Reviewing Facial Skin

If your rash has come on suddenly and is accompanied by other acute symptoms such as swelling and difficulty breathing, then you should seek emergency treatment. However, a persistent facial rash can be embarrassing and sometimes cause alarm. Some rashes could be easily explained and treated. Others may take some time to diagnose with medical tests. Here are some common causes.


Bacterial, fungal and viral infections can cause facial rashes. Chickenpox or measles are common, especially in children, and the rashes are usually more widespread. An infection of a hair follicle, a staph infection or a herpes outbreak are also common.

Allergic Reaction

Many things can cause an allergic reaction. If it was caused by something that touched your skin, it’s called contact dermatitis and is usually easily treated with ointments. An environmental or food allergy can also cause a reaction.

Medication Reaction

Medications sometimes cause adverse reactions. If you’ve started taking a new medication, either over-the-counter or prescription, and noticed the rash shortly after, you should contact the prescriber. They should be able to tell you what to do next.

Autoimmune Disorder

Many autoimmune disorders have characteristic rashes that can help diagnose the condition. Other facial rashes can look like more common ailments like acne or dandruff, but are actually signs of a more serious illness like Lupus.

Anxiety or Stress

Our bodies can respond quite drastically to stress. You may notice acne breakouts or something that looks more like a rash. It’s important to rule out any more serious medical conditions before ruling your facial rash cause as stress or anxiety.

Heat Rash

Some people’s skin is much more sensitive to heat. When in the heat or exposed to direct sunlight, it may cause a rash. Minor rashes can be prevented by limiting exposure and using proper sun protection. More severe rashes may need stronger, prescription treatments.

If you are experiencing a facial rash as well as more acute symptoms, seek immediate medical care. If your facial rash is recurring or persistent, contact LM Medical NYC to schedule a consultation. Our dermatologist may help diagnose the cause and prescribe the proper treatment so you can enjoy clear skin again.

Posted on behalf of LM Medical NYC

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