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Youthful face of a beautiful woman after facial and dermal filler treatments.

As you age, one of the first areas you may notice changing is the area around your neck. You may notice sagging skin and excess fat around the chin. Surgery can help eliminate these issues and restore a more youthful appearance. This can help you boost your self-confidence and feel more attractive. Here’s everything you need to know about neck lift surgery.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that smooths and defines the jawline. It also trims excess skin around the neck and eliminates fat from the chin. Surgery typically lasts around two hours and the recovery period lasts a few days. The surgeon may make incisions underneath the chin and the back of the ears to remove fatty deposits and sculpt the jaw and neck. You will need to wear a compression bandage for at least 24 hours, and some swelling and bruising is to be expected.

Ideal Neck Lift Candidates

The ideal candidate for a neck lift surgery is a person who is in good health. If you have neck folds or loose skin, you may strongly want to consider having this surgery. Individuals who are interested in this procedure should schedule a consultation. You can meet with the surgeon to have any questions answered. The surgeon will review your medical history and help you determine if surgery is right for you.

Neck Lift Surgery Consultation

Neck lift surgery can help you look younger and improve your self-confidence. You can achieve dramatic results with a few simple changes. When considering this procedure, look for a board-certified surgeon who is experienced with delivering superb results through advanced techniques. Dr. Lesley is an elite surgeon who specializes in contouring the face and neck with her artistically trained eyes. If you’re considering neck lift surgery, contact LM Medical today for a consultation.

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