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Body Treatments

At LM Medical NYC, we are always looking for new ways to improve the services offered to patients. When many of you stated a desire for more non-surgical treatment options, we listened. Ultherapy is a safe and effective treatment that tones and tightens the skin. Although traditionally used on areas around the face and neck, Ultherapy can also be used to treat other areas of the body.

If the thought of traditional surgical approaches to skin tightening terrifies you, non-surgical procedures such as Ultherapy are ideal. This particular treatment utilizes ultrasound, which tightens the skin from the inside out.

Non-Invasive Skin Tightening

Ultherapy has been cleared by the FDA as a safe, non-surgical procedure. Doctors who wish to offer Ultherapy are also required to complete extensive training before being allowed to carry out the procedure. LM Medical NYC has the tools, knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals with non-invasive treatment at our offices.

When you choose Ultherapy at LM Medical NYC, treatment usually takes no longer than an hour. Treatment times may slightly vary, depending on other factors such as combined procedures. There is no downtime after Ultherapy, which means you can return to normal daily activities right away.

Sagging skin on the face, neck and chest are the main areas that benefit from Ultherapy. However, LM Medical NYC can also use this procedure on the body, arms and legs. If you are looking for natural results without the pain and recovery times associated with surgery, Ultherapy could provide the answer.

Ultherapy Consultation

Before recommending Ultherapy, the team at LM Medical NYC would like to invite you to a consultation at our offices. This informal meeting gives you the opportunity to get to know Dr. Lesley Rabach, a facial plastic surgeon, and Dr. Morgan Rabach. We can answer all your questions and confirm whether you are a good candidate for the treatment.

Call LM Medical NYC at our Manhattan practice today to book your initial consultation appointment. We look forward to helping you achieve tighter, more natural-looking skin with the Ultherapy non-surgical approach to rejuvenation.

Posted on behalf of LM Medical NYC

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