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The ears are a unique feature that are made mostly from cartilage. Congenital defects, trauma and other factors can impact the appearance of the exterior ear, causing an imbalance of the ear’s contour and shape. A misshapen ear can be a distracting feature that can impact the self-confidence of the individual. At LM Medical NYC, we offer ear reshaping surgery at our exceptional medical facilities in Manhattan.

When an ear is misshapen or out of balance, it can look odd and seem out of place. Many children are born with misshapen ears that can be a source of ridicule from their peers as they grow older. Trauma to the ear while playing sports or from accidents can also misshape the ear. To reshape the ear and create a balanced appearance, plastic surgery may be required to add or mold cartilage into a pleasing shape.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Reshaping the ears is a complex cosmetic surgery. If there is lost or reduced cartilage, grafting new cartilage may be necessary to create the scaffolding for the new ear. Cartilage can be harvested from the patient to be grafted to the ear, then carefully nurtured and reshaped to achieve a balanced ear contour.

Dr. Lesley Rabach is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, including board certification in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery. Her extensive experience and expertise in cosmetic surgery and facial reconstruction include performing complex ear reshaping surgeries to restore ear beauty and balance. If you have misshapen ears that you hide under hair, hat or scarves, Dr. Lesley can help you explore ear reshaping surgery that can restore balanced, pleasing ears for an improved appearance.

If you want to learn more about ear reshaping surgery, contact us at LM Medical NYC. We can schedule a private consultation with world-renowned facial surgeon Dr. Lesley at one of our beautiful facilities in Greenwich Village or the Upper East Side.

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