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Fat and volume loss under the skin can change the appearance of the face, including the eyelids. As we age, we lose collagen in the skin and fat under the skin, changing the area around the eyes. Wrinkles, hollows and dark circles can appear around the eyes, making you look older and tired. A quick way to give your eyes a more energetic, youthful appearance is dermal fillers. Our aesthetic team at LM Medical NYC offers non-surgical eyelid treatment at our clinics in Manhattan.

The lower eyelids are vital to the appearance of the eyes. When fat is lost or the delicate eyelid skin loses some elasticity with age, deep tear troughs, dark circles, wrinkles and hollows under the eyes can appear. These changes can make you look perpetually tired and older, even when you feel youthful and energetic. Adding volume can fill tear troughs and hollows under the eyes, as well as smooth wrinkles. Facial filler injections can rejuvenate the lower eyelids in a quick, non-invasive treatment.

Tear Trough Filler Injections

The tear troughs under the eyes can produce an indent between the eyes and upper cheek. This can create dark circles and enhance the appearance of eye bags. Tear troughs can occur due to genetics, aging or both. Adults of any age may have tear troughs that make them appear older and tired.

Filler injections using hyaluronic acid filler can immediately improve the appearance of tear troughs, dark circles and eye bags. The dermal filler smooths the transition between the lower eyelid and upper cheek for a more rested, youthful appearance.

If you have tear troughs under your lower eyelids, a non-surgical eyelid treatment with dermal fillers can give your eyes a refreshed appearance. To learn more about tear trough filler treatment and other cosmetic services we offer, contact us at LM Medical NYC in Greenwich Village or the Upper East Side.

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