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The bones and soft tissues of the face are delicate. Facial trauma can cause fractures, tissue damage and scarring that impact the function and appearance of the facial features. Repairing facial trauma injuries requires expertise in both reconstruction and cosmetic plastic surgery. Dr. Lesley Rabach at LM Medical NYC is a talented facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who offers facial trauma plastic surgery at our facility in Greenwich Village.

Sport injuries, vehicle accidents and many other forms of trauma can cause damage to the facial features. Broken noses, facial burns, torn ears and fractured facial bones can alter the function and aesthetics of the face. While any trauma injury needs immediate medical attention, surgical repair should be completed by a qualified facial reconstructive surgeon. It is vital that not only the function of the features is preserved, but the facial features are also restored, as close as possible, to their natural appearance.

Advanced Facial Reconstructive Surgery

Trauma injuries to tissues and bones in other areas of the body will usually be repaired by an orthopedic surgeon. The appearance of the injury is not as large of a concern as the restored function of hands, arms, legs or other body parts. When a trauma injury occurs to the face, aesthetics is very important. Dr. Lesley is a double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in repairing facial damage and restoring the shape and cosmetic appearance to the facial features. Dr. Lesley can perform facial trauma plastic surgery for nose repairs, orbital fractures, burn injuries and ear damage.

If you have sustained a facial trauma injury, once you have received immediate medical care, contact us at LM Medical NYC in Manhattan. We can schedule a consultation with Dr. Lesley to discuss facial trauma plastic surgery to repair the injury while restoring your facial appearance.

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