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Botox® cosmetic injections are used millions of times each year in the U.S., making it the most popular cosmetic procedure used by both men and women. The first cosmetic use of Botox approved by the FDA was to reduce frown or furrow lines between the eyebrows. If you have glabella lines, or 11’s, between your brows, LM Medical NYC offers Botox for furrow lines treatment at our clinics in Manhattan.

Botox was FDA-approved for furrow line treatment in 2002. Since then, Botox has been used for much more than just smoothing the 11 lines from the brow. Botox can safely relax targeted muscles to accomplish many different effects on the face. Botox can smooth forehead lines, crow’s feet, nose (bunny) lines, chin dimples and much more. But even with all these other uses, eliminating the glabella lines between the eyebrows is still one of the most common uses of this versatile cosmetic treatment.

Eliminate Frown Lines

Scrunching your eyebrows together to concentrate, squint or in frustration can create the vertical creases in the brow. As skin loses elasticity, those “11’s” remain etched between your eyebrows, creating a perpetually annoyed look and an older appearance. Botox injections relax the small muscles that contract to create the glabella lines. Treatment only takes about 15 minutes, and results can be noticeable within a week, lasting 2-4 months. Not only can Botox help smooth away furrow lines, but it can also help prevent deeper glabella lines by keeping the forehead relaxed.

If you have the undesirable “11” lines between your brows and want to smooth away those age-telling lines, contact us at LM Medical NYC. We can book a cosmetic consultation with expert dermatologist Dr. Morgan or top facial surgeon Dr. Lesley to discuss Botox and other cosmetic options to improve your facial appearance. Contact our offices in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side to schedule your appointment.

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