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The Juvederm® line of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are some of the best quality cosmetic projects on the market. Juvederm Ultra™ and Ultra+™ injections are among their most popular products for smoothing facial lines and adding volume to the lips. Our team at LM Medical NYC offers high-end cosmetic treatments to achieve beautiful results for our patients, including Juvederm Ultra and Ultra+ injections.


Hyaluronic acid filler injections add volume under the skin to plump up lips or smooth wrinkles or lines. While there are dozens of different hyaluronic acid fillers, each is slightly different in their formula and use. Juvederm Ultra and Ultra+ injections use smaller particles in a smooth gel that can be utilized closer to the skin’s surface or under thinner skin like that on the lips. The specific formula can result in soft plumping under the skin that is flexible, creating a natural look and feel.

Juvederm Ultra Versus Ultra+

Both Ultra and Ultra+ can be used for plumping thinner lips, but there is a slight difference in the formulas. Juvederm Ultra is best suited for the lips and very fine lines, while Ultra+ has slightly larger particles that can be used deeper in the skin. For lip enhancement and fine wrinkles around the lips, Ultra can be used with its fine particles. For deeper applications like treating smile lines, Ultra+ with its slightly larger particles can be a better choice.

Juvederm Ultra results can last 4-6 months, while Ultra+ can last slightly longer at 6-9 months. Both treatments can be performed in a quick office visit, and the results are visible immediately with no downtime needed.

If you want plumper lips or diminished lines around your mouth, Juvederm Ultra or Ultra+ injections may be right for you. To learn more about Juvederm dermal fillers or any of our other cosmetic treatments, contact LM Medical NYC at our Manhattan clinics.

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