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As your face ages, lines and wrinkles begin to etch your skin. This occurs when the skin loses elasticity and volume with age, especially around the mouth, eyes and eyebrows. Juvederm® offers a line of hyaluronic acid dermal filler formulas that can add volume to the skin, smooth lines and create a more youthful appearance. Juvederm Volbella™ injections and Juvederm Vollure™ injections are two of the most popular formulas we offer at LM Medical NYC in Manhattan.


Juvederm Volbella injections use one of Juvederm’s thinnest formulas of hyaluronic acid gel, perfect for lips and fine wrinkles. The tiny particles and thin consistency work well under the thin skin on the lips and in small wrinkles or lines around the mouth. Volbella injections can be used to plump thin lips or smooth and fill lines around the lips or in other areas of the face. We perform lip enhancements or wrinkle treatment in a quick office visit with no needed downtime, and the results of Volbella injections last up to 12 months.

Juvederm Vollure XC Injections

For deeper lines that need a thicker, firmer formula of hyaluronic acid gel, we offer Juvederm Vollure XC™ injections. Vollure XC injections are perfect for smoothing and filling smile lines on the nasolabial folds. This formula has enough thickness to treat mild to moderate smiles while still allowing natural facial movement. Juvederm Vollure XC injections can be completed in less than a half hour in our office and the results are immediate, lasting up to 18 months.

You do not need to live with lines, wrinkles and thin lips. Juvederm Volbella and Vollure XC injections can help improve the volume of your skin and lips for a more youthful appearance. To learn more about Juvederm dermal filler injections and the other treatments we offer at LM Medical NYC, contact us at our Greenwich Village or Upper East Side clinic.

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