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Keloids are abnormal scar tissue growths that can become disfiguring in some cases. Unlike normal scar tissue, which resides only within the borders of the skin damage, keloid scars can continue growing outside of those borders. In severe cases, a keloid scar may become a large growth that can be distracting, uncomfortable and unattractive. As part of our ear treatments at LM Medical NYC, we offer keloid removal surgery and scar treatment at our facilities in Manhattan.

Keloid scars can occur whenever there is a wound to the skin. Acne, burns, lacerations, incisions and piercings all can trigger the growth of a keloid. Ethnic groups that have darker skin tend to be at a higher risk for keloid scarring. Keloid growths are common on the ear lobes, caused by piercings.

Keloid scars are unique in both their size and growth patterns. While most scars produce a finite amount of scar tissue cells, keloids can continue to produce more cells. Even if a keloid scar or growth is removed, it can grow back if the patient does not receive keloid treatment.

Keloid Scar Treatment and Removal

For successful removal of a keloid scar or growth, treatment is recommended to reduce the risk of regrowth. Our medical team at LM Medical NYC includes acclaimed facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Lesley, and renowned board certified dermatologist, Dr. Morgan. Skilled facial surgeon Dr. Lesley can provide keloid removal surgery and carefully remove the growth while limiting the damage to the skin and tissue for cosmetic purposes. Expert dermatologist Dr. Morgan can recommend keloid scar treatment to minimize the chance of regrowth of the keloid tissue.

Keloid scars may be difficult to treat and remove, which is why it is important to have a team of specialists on your side. If you have a keloid scar you want removed, contact us at LM Medical NYC. Our double board certified facial plastic surgeon and dermatologist will work together to ensure you receive the best treatment and removal for your keloid at our clinics in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side.

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