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The lower face is very susceptible to the changes of aging. The lower cheeks can lose volume, and the skin loses elasticity, resulting in smile, lip and marionette lines, as well as sagging in the jowls and loss of definition of the jawline. One of the main catalysts of lower face aging is loss of certain fat deposits that help define and shape the lower cheeks. At LM Medical NYC, we offer lower cheek filler treatment to improve the youthfulness of the jowls, chin and jawline.

The right distribution of fat under the skin creates the firm contours of a youthful face. Even a slight loss of fat can impact the lower cheeks, jowls and jawline. Smile lines around the nasolabial fold can deepen, jowls may sag and lines appear on the chin. The lower face can look sadder and older as the firm contours disappear. Adding volume under the skin in the lower cheeks and jawline can restore a firmer, more youthful lower face.

Jawline Filler Injections

The chin, jawline and lower cheeks are all connected. When volume is lost under the skin in the lower cheeks, the skin and fat pockets can sag. This creates lines and the beginning of jowling that make the face look older. To restore volume and firmness in the lower cheeks and definition to the jawline, facial filler injections can be used. Filler formulas that are designed for deeper layers of the skin with more firmness can smooth lines and provide a “lifting” of the skin in the lower face for a younger appearance.

If your lower cheeks are losing firmness or your jawline needs definition, facial filler injections are a non-surgical solution. To learn more about lower cheek filler treatment, contact us at LM Medical NYC to schedule your consultation at our clinics in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side.

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