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The lines that appear at the corners of the mouth and drape down the chin are called marionette lines, like the outline of the jaw of a puppet or marionette. These lines are common, but often unwelcome. The corners of the lips can appear to turn downward, following these lines, creating a sad or mad appearance. To smooth away these mouth and chin lines, LM Medical NYC offers marionette lines treatment at our clinics in Manhattan.

Marionette lines appear due to loss of volume under the skin and loss of elasticity that occurs with aging. Most people with marionette lines may also have other lines and wrinkles around the mouth that are caused by lost collagen and fat in the skin. While plastic surgery procedures like the facelift can lift skin and tissue to decrease lines in the lower face, there are non-surgical options. Filler injections can be a first step in minimizing mouth and chin lines to help you look years younger.

Filler Injections for Lines Around the Mouth

If you have lip lines, marionette lines, smile lines or other wrinkles around the mouth, filler injections can smooth away many of these lines. Hyaluronic acid fillers are very popular and come in a variety of formulas. Firmer fillers can be used to plump under marionette and smile lines to smooth these deep lines, while still allowing natural movement of the mouth and face. There are also thinner, more flexible fillers for fine lines around the mouth and lips.

At LM Medical NYC, we offer a wide variety of facial filler injections to treat marionette, smile and other lines around the mouth. To smooth away those lines around your lips and mouth, contact us to schedule a facial filler consultation with our aesthetic team at our clinics in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side.

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