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The masseter muscles are the large jaw muscles that close the jaw and help form the shape of the face. When the masseter muscles are thick, they can create a wider, square jaw and face. This can make the face appear more masculine or heavy. Reducing the size of the masseter muscles can slim the face for a more feminine appearance. At LM Medical NYC in Manhattan, we offer cosmetic dermatology treatments for masseter reduction that reshape the face.

When you chew or clench your jaw, you are using your masseter muscles. These muscles connect the lower jaw to the skull along the outside of the jaw and face. When these muscles become pronounced, it can create a wider jaw and face. While appropriate on a masculine face, it may not be desirable for those preferring a feminine or heart-shaped face. To change the shape of the face, surgical or non-surgical masseter reduction procedures are used.

Surgical or Non-Surgical Masseter Reduction

Botox® injections may be used to perform masseter reduction without surgery. Botox is a neuromodulator that slows or stops muscle contractions. Botox injections can be targeted to reduce masseter muscle contractions. Over several weeks, the masseter muscle can shrink in size, slimming and reshaping the lower face and jaw. In many cases, only one treatment is needed to obtain the desired result.

Masseter reduction surgery is more invasive but can have a more dramatic change to the lower face and jaw shape. For those with a wider jaw and pronounced masseter muscles, surgery can remove part of the masseter muscle and jawbone to slim and reshape the jaw for a more feminine or heart-shaped appearance.

If you desire a slimmer lower face or jaw, masseter reduction may be right for you. To learn more about masseter reduction procedures, contact us at LM Medical NYC. We can schedule a consultation with either our renowned dermatologist for non-surgical masseter reduction or our expert facial plastic surgeon for surgical jaw reshaping.

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