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For the last century, the best treatment available for most types of skin cancer is Mohs surgery. This specialized cancer lesion removal process has had a high rate of success in treating skin cancer. However, the removal of skin cancer cells can also result in the loss of skin and tissue, resulting in a deformity. Our plastic surgery and dermatology team at LM Medical NYC offer Mohs surgery and facial reconstruction at our clinics in Manhattan.

The face, head and neck are common locations for skin cancer lesions. When skin cancer is diagnosed and Mohs surgery is recommended, this can result in a facial deformity. Skin cancer can occur on the nose, forehead, cheek, eyelids and anywhere on the face. Mohs surgery carefully removes skin and tissue, layer by layer, to ensure all the cancer is gone. However, once the cancer is removed, it can leave a significant hole in the skin and tissue.

Facial Reconstruction After Mohs

At LM Medical NYC, we have a unique collaboration of a top board certified dermatologist and a double board certified facial plastic surgeon at one practice. For skin cancer patients, this is a dream team when it comes to undergoing Mohs surgery. Expert dermatologist Dr. Morgan can assist with the skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, while skilled facial surgeon Dr. Lesley can assist with the Mohs surgery and facial reconstruction. Our skin cancer patients do not need to visit separate clinics to receive the best care available.

The top priority with Mohs surgery is to ensure every cancer cell is removed. Once that is accomplished, Dr. Lesley can determine the best plastic and reconstructive surgery methods to restore the shape and aesthetics of the face or neck. World-renowned facial surgeon Dr. Lesley can perform nose, eyelid, cheek, lip or ear reconstruction surgery to give her patients back what cancer took away.

If you believe you have skin cancer or have been diagnosed, contact us at LM Medical NYC. We offer Mohs surgery from our dermatologist and top skin cancer plastic and reconstruction surgeon at our clinics in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side.

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