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The nose is one of the most common facial features to be injured or disfigured from an injury or health issues. Sports injuries, auto accidents, falls, burns, skin cancer and other events can result in disfigurement of the nose. At LM Medical NYC, our double board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Lesley Rabach, offers nasal reconstruction surgery at our clinics in Manhattan.

A nose injury or disfigurement can have a dual effect. First, it can impact breathing function if the nasal passages or sinuses are blocked. Secondarily, an injury or trauma to the nose can change the appearance of this central facial feature. Injury to the nose can result in a fractured nasal bone, damaged cartilage, a deviated septum and skin loss. Nasal reconstruction surgery requires expertise to restore the function of the nose and aesthetics, using advanced surgical techniques.

Nose Trauma Repair Surgery

Dr. Lesley is a top facial plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic nose reshaping. She is also board certified in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery. Her experience and expertise in both facial reconstruction for function and plastic surgery for aesthetics are essential for nose trauma repair. During nasal reconstruction surgery, repairs may be needed to the bone and cartilage structure of the nose to restore proper breathing. Once the functional aspect is corrected, Dr. Lesley can reshape the exterior of the nose for a balanced, beautiful nose that matches the facial features.

If you sustain a nose injury or disfigurement, nasal reconstruction surgery can restore the form and function of your nose. To schedule a nose repair consultation with expert facial surgeon Dr. Lesley, contact us at LM Medical NYC in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side. During your consultation, Dr. Lesley can explain the options available for repairing your nose function and shape. Rhinoplasty can be performed with your trauma repair to create the nose shape you desire.

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